Toilet plumbing Canberra – A toilet is an important part of any household especially in removing wastes from the body. Toilets are essential household fixtures that need to be installed and repaired.

Toilet Plumbing Canberra with JML

Toilet plumbing Canberra – A toilet is an important part of any household especially in removing wastes from the body.

Toilets are essential household fixtures that need to be installed and repaired. The plumbing system is the most important part of a toilet. It includes the water supply, drainage, and pipe work that connects all these components. However, a blocked or leaking toilet can cause major problems for a household.

When you consider how frequently you use your toilet, it’s no surprise that things go wrong from time to time. The cistern, which is the part of the toilet where we perform most of our work, has a lot of moving parts. The cistern is the tank that holds the flush water. We often have to deal with leaks when the toilet keeps flushing with a continual trickle of water.


Toilet Plumbing Canberra – Fixing the Problem

The first thing to do when there’s a problem with your toilet is to identify it. You can do this by looking for leaks or blocked toilets. If you find any, then you will need to take action and fix it as soon as possible.

Leaks are often caused by old pipes which have cracks in them, so they need to be replaced with new ones.


Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet can be a big inconvenience. It can also lead to some pretty nasty smells. If you have a blocked toilet, you need to act fast.

Blocked toilets can happen for various reasons such as too much toilet paper or solid waste, or if there is a tree root growing inside the pipe. Blocked toilets are usually very easy to fix and you can use a plunger to unblock them. 

Most of the time plungers don’t work, and the only solution is to call in a professional plumber.

The flush button may occasionally malfunction or become permanently on.  A small tap behind the toilet that plumbers refer to as a mini stop can be turned off if a button does become stuck.



Does your toilet keep running?
Typical signs include:

– Toilets continuously leak water
– The toilet is making a constant hissing sound
– Automatically filling the toilet every hour or so
– Water on the floor
– High water bill

Leaks might be difficult to detect since you often cannot hear water trickling down the back of the toilet pan. When we do a toilet service at JML, we always look for them. If you’re not certain that your toilet is wasting water, you can do it yourself.


Quick methods for detecting toilet leaks:

– Place some toilet paper behind the toilet bowl. If the toilet is leaking, the paper will become soggy.
– Apply talcum powder to the inside of the toilet bowl.
– Fill the toilet cistern with food colouring. You should be able to quickly remove the top of the cistern and add some drops to colour the water in the cistern. If you notice that colour entering the toilet, then you’ve got a leak.

Your water bill may increase by hundreds or even thousands of dollars due to leaking toilets. In reality, JML Plumbing & Gas receives a call about a leaky toilet at least once every two weeks because of Icon Water’s warning about a potential water pipe burst caused by excessive water use. 


Waste Water

Some homes have the cistern hooked into the rainwater tank so that flushing the toilet doesn’t waste potable water. The issue with these is that the toilet stops flushing when the rainwater runs out. There is an automated switch to tap water, although it isn’t always effective.


Toilet Plumbing Canberra – Installation & Repair

Even while you might be tempted to attempt to fix a leaky sink, faucet, or toilet on your own to try and save a little money, doing so might end up costing you more in the long run. The idea is that you can fix the surface problem, but if there is an underlying problem, you may overlook it until you have a plumbing emergency.

We provide expert and efficient toilet installation, toilet repair, and tap repair services. Our experienced professionals will come to your home and thoroughly test to determine the source of the problem before resolving it with quality workmanship.


New Loo with JML Plumbing & Gas

At JML, we’ve encountered all of these issues and more. And, of course, we’ve fixed them. It’s also not difficult for us to replace the entire set if it’s in bad shape. So, if you want your toilet to work like new, or even brand new, call JML Plumbing & Gas today.  02 6193 4089

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