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Unlock the Potential of the ACT Sustainable Household Scheme Embrace the future of eco-friendly living with a 0% interest loan for your brand-new Hot Water Heat Pump System, brought to you by JML Plumbing & Gas. Experience savings of up to 80% on your hot water energy expenses!

The ACT Sustainable Household Scheme presents an incredible opportunity, offering 0% interest loans ranging from $2,000 to $15,000 to all eligible households in the ACT region.

JML Plumbing & Gas: Your Preferred Partner for Sustainability

Say goodbye to high energy bills and welcome a greener tomorrow with JML Plumbing & Gas. We are proud to be an authorised supplier for the Sustainable Household Scheme, dedicated to helping ACT households like yours save money while enjoying the benefits of energy-efficient hot water solutions.

Our Expert Team Can Assist You with Approved Services, Including:

1. Hot Water Heat Pump Systems
2. Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling (including split, ducted, and multi-head systems)

Join us in making sustainable choices for a brighter, more energy-efficient future. For further details, please visit the Sustainable Household Scheme – Climate Choices.