Canberra Plumbers
Canberra Plumber – How To Choose the Right One In 2022

When it comes to choosing the right Canberra plumber, you want someone who is going to be able to get the job done correctly and efficiently. You don’t have time to waste, and you certainly don’t want to get stuck with a plumber who isn’t going to get the job done right. Here are a […]

Toilet plumbing canberra
Toilet Plumbing Canberra with JML

Toilet Plumbing Canberra with JML Toilet plumbing Canberra – A toilet is an important part of any household especially in removing wastes from the body. Toilets are essential household fixtures that need to be installed and repaired. The plumbing system is the most important part of a toilet. It includes the water supply, drainage, and […]

Leaking tap
Leaking Taps Canberra

Leaking Taps Canberra – read on to know why you should have your leaking taps maintained by JML Plumbing & Gas. Do you live in Canberra and are having any of the following issues? The steady drip flow trickle of a leaky tap in the bathroom or kitchen is a common issue. Although relentless and […]

backflow prevention canberra
Backflow Prevention Canberra Testing, Installation & Repairs

About Backflow Prevention Canberra Backflow prevention Canberra is critical to ensuring the safety of Australians’ drinking water. It ensures that the flow of water is not reversed due to a change in pressure, protecting our water supply from contamination. Backflow is the reverse flow of water in your plumbing pipes and can be caused by: […]

Strata plumbing preventative maintenance
Plumbing Preventative Maintenance Program Strata

Plumbing Preventative Maintenance Program – Why Should You Have One? A plumbing problem can occur at any time, which is especially true for strata managers who manage large properties. An unanticipated plumbing disaster will cause an already overworked strata manager to lose time and money, and create a Friday afternoon nightmare.  However, you can avoid […]

plumbing emergencies
Plumbing Emergency – Tips to Avoid Them During Holidays

A plumbing emergency during holidays makes plumbers in Australia the busiest. Having extra guests visiting your home during holidays can potentially put extra pressure on your plumbing and system due to higher usage. This is why we put together a few tips to avoid plumbing emergencies this holiday season! What to do to avoid a […]

Evaporative cooler
Evaporative Cooler Pads – What You Need To Know

Evaporative cooler pads problems? Here’s everything you need to know about evaporative cooler pads. Evaporative Cooler Systems are a great cooling solution to Australia’s hot & dry months. What’s great about these systems is they efficiently push out plenty of cool cold air with minimal electricity, as it uses natural air instead. It works by […]

gas heater repair canberra
Gas Heater Repair and Gas Leaks Canberra

Need a gas heater repair? Does your gas-ducted heater break down frequently? Do you have a gas-heater emergency in Canberra?Got a gas leak problem? At JML Plumbing & Gas, we promise to respond quickly and fix your problem immediately. We have over 4 office staff members constantly monitoring our emails and phones to ensure that […]

Hot water system
Hot Water System Repair Canberra

Are you having problems with your hot water system repeatedly failing to produce hot water? Read on to know 5 reasons to have your system serviced and repaired.  5 Reasons To Have Your System Serviced/Repaired How water systems require regular servicing and repair. It’s best to call a licenced plumber if you notice the things […]

Blocked toilet
How To Prevent & Clear Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are always a pain. Aside from the fact that it’s inconvenient and frustrating, it’s also bad for your plumbing system.  To keep your system in good shape and efficiently working, it’s important to know how to prevent blockages. Having the knowledge, and following these tips will save you money in the long run […]

Burst water pipe
Plumbing Tips for Your Home

Plumbing system problems can be a real headache. Read on to know 5 tips to keep your plumbing system efficiently running. Tip 1: Take note of the location of your main water shut-off valve. Getting the supply turned off is the first thing you should do when you encounter a water emergency. Running water can […]

Water Pipe Leak
Plumbing Emergencies – How To Deal With Them

Plumbing issues are known to occur out of the blue without much warning. Read on to know how to deal with plumbing emergencies at home. This way you can try to minimise the damage caused. When dealing with any plumbing issue, the main thing to remember for any house owner is where the home’s main […]

Blocked drain
Blocked Drain – How To Clear It

A blocked drain is one of the most common plumbing issues. Read on to know its causes, how to clear it, and when you should call a professional to clear it.  If left untreated, blocked drains can cause major damage to your property. For instance, they could be leaking sewage underneath your house causing mould […]

plumbing canberra
Plumbing Canberra Basics – What To Know About Plumbing

More often than not, homeowners like to do things on their own. This article is for homeowners who have a basic knowledge of plumbing Canberra. Here are some plumbing activities you can do yourself. While there are certain precautions you can take to maintain your house in good condition, there are a number of things […]


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