JML Plumbing & Gas are skilled, blocked drain plumbers in Canberra.  For fast and friendly service, providing all of your blocked drain solutions and needs, look no further. JML Plumbing & Gas is a team of skilled and licensed professionals servicing all of Canberra with 24/7 Emergency Services. Your local plumbing, drainage and gas professionals.


We pride ourselves on cost-effective service. If your drain has a minor blockage, it may not need specific drain-clearing equipment and could be cleared for a much cheaper rate. This does happen on occasions and we save our customers hundreds of dollars on a regular basis.

If the blockage is major, our friendly staff members always have the drain clearing equipment you need on hand. We will explain any action we’ll do to get the job done. Our pricing is always upfront so you have a fair idea of the price before the work starts.

Why choose JML Plumbing & Gas?

Safety at home is paramount. This is why we know what it’s like when you encounter overflowing sewerage. We enjoy helping all our customers with any blocked drain issues they may have. Having the blocked drains cleared professionally, promptly, and educationally is the only way we deliver these services. We’re your best bet if you’re looking for blocked drain plumbers.

We promise to you that we will have your drainage issue dealt with in a timely matter, explaining all works carried out and answering any questions you may have. Our team deals with blocked drains every day of the week and we know our stuff.
We pride ourselves on our customer service and will go above and beyond to provide a service like no other.

How do I clear my Blocked Drain?

Step 1: Contact

Think you might have a blocked drain? Contact us to have our friendly professional tradesman come out to meet you there on the same day!

Step 2: Diagnosing Blockage

We will then assess which parts of the drains are blocked and find the most cost-effective solution for clearing them.

Step 3: Costs & Clearing the Blockage

We will advise you on costs before proceeding and answer any questions you may have. Then we will clear the blockage and clean up any mess that may be left from the blocked drain.

Step 4: Future Treatment

Depending on the cause of the blockage our friendly team will give advice and treatment options as well as general knowledge to keep your drains running clearer for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the causes of blocked drains?

Most blockages are caused by tree roots entering the drains seeking water and nutrients. Once a tree root has entered a drain, it will continue growing larger and thicker until it is cleared. If they enter the drainage system they
tend to grow back even after being cleared. Debris and silt building up from garden materials washing into stormwater sumps and open drains can also cause blockages. Fat and oils are common blockages in drainage systems.
In some circumstances, faults in the drains are from incorrect installation and the earth moving from underneath the pipe. This can remove support from underneath the pipe, resulting in collapsed pipes.

How long will it take to fix?

It depends on the cause of the blockage. We’ll use our specialist tools to find out exactly where the problem is, what’s causing it, then give you an accurate estimate from there.

When can you get here?

A fully qualified team member can be there on the same day as your call! We understand blocked drains can be stressful, and pride ourselves on same-day service. Please note additional charges may apply for after-hours.

How do I know if my drains are blocked?

Slow drainage, bad smells, gurgling noises, overflowing, or just plain blocked, there are a range of signs that can show if your drain is blocked. A few common ones include:

Slow drainage

If something is blocking a pipe, water will take longer to drain. If you notice a sudden change in your drainage speed, it’s wise to get a professional to have a look.

Unpleasant odours

If food debris is stuck in your pipes, it can make a strong smell as it decomposes! Smells can get worse as you run water through too.

Gurgling noises

When something is stuck in your drain, air pockets can get trapped. As water runs, the trapped air escapes and makes a gurgling sound.

Overflows/raised water levels

If you notice your toilet water levels rise higher than usual after flushing, you may have a blockage. If the water rises high enough to overflow, it’s a good idea to contact a specialist right away! We offer 24/7 emergency callouts to protect the health and hygiene of your home.

Our specialist tools

Here’s how your blocked drain plumbers will deliver the right solution for your home:

1. CCTV Drain Camera Inspections – Have our team come out and show you exactly what’s going on with your drains. Using our high-quality CCTV drain cameras we are able to show what’s happening, find the exact location of the problem, and how deep underground it is. Along with this service we supply detailed digital reports and recordings.

2. Electric Drain Eel – Our Rigid drain eels use long heavy-duty flexible oscillating steel cables and cutter heads to cut through blockages. They can be extremely effective for pulling out tree roots whole. This lets us show our customers the size and severity of what has come out of the drainage system.

3. Excavation This is always a last resort for our team. At JML Plumbing and Gas we will endeavour to clear your drains as best we physically can. However, in some cases, drains can become so heavily infested with tree roots that they are beyond clearing, or pipes collapse from external pressure and need to be replaced.
If your systems need excavation and relaying, we have the experience, machinery, and proper safety equipment to replace your damaged drains. From excavation to no-dig lining or patching, we will provide the solution you need with as little disruption to your property as possible.

4. High-Pressure Water Jet A high-pressure water jet uses a diesel/petrol-driven pump to propel water through a long hose and out through a cutting nozzle at high velocity. The water has a psi rating of 1500-5000Kpa and will cut through tree roots, debris, and clear fat and grease blockages.

No matter your drainage needs, your blocked drain plumbers are here to help. Get a quote!

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