Gas Heater Repair and Gas Leaks Canberra

gas heater repair canberra

Need a gas heater repair?
Does your gas-ducted heater break down frequently?
Do you have a gas-heater emergency in Canberra?
Got a gas leak problem?

At JML Plumbing & Gas, we promise to respond quickly and fix your problem immediately. We have over 4 office staff members constantly monitoring our emails and phones to ensure that we swiftly act upon any urgent and non-urgent matters that arise that are sent through.

To keep you and your family safe, we will try to arrive at your doorstep in two hours. We’ll talk you through how to stem the situation over the phone and if you really can’t wait, we’ll do whatever we can to get someone there ASAP (even if that means after-hours).

Gas Heater & Gas Leaks Experience

We have years of experience in gas heater repair and any gas-related problems in the household. For any gas issues, simply call us and we’ll get the ball rolling. 02 6193 4089


1. Gas heater service & tune-ups
2. Gas heater breakdown & repairs
3. Carbon monoxide testing
4. Gas heater replacements
5. Gas heater new installations
6. New thermostats and zoning
7. Ducted gas heating
8. Gas space heaters
9. Gas wall heaters
10. Console and inbuilt heaters

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