Evaporative cooler pads problems? Here’s everything you need to know about evaporative cooler pads.

Evaporative Cooler Systems are a great cooling solution to Australia’s hot & dry months. What’s great about these systems is they efficiently push out plenty of cool cold air with minimal electricity, as it uses natural air instead. It works by getting air from its surroundings and converting it into cooler air by passing through cooler pads. 

The cooler pads are regularly soaked in water, resulting in them getting dirty and clogged after some time. This can cause poor indoor air quality, system breakdown, and expensive repairs. Therefore, it’s important to know when to clean and replace evaporative cooler pads.

When To Change Your Evaporative Cooler Pads?

Generally, common cooler pads are recommended to be cleaned once or twice a year and replaced every 2-3 years. 

Evaporative cooler pads’ life span does vary from one brand to another and depends on how often the cooler is used. 

How To Increase The Life Span Of Cooler Pads?

  1. Shut down the system when not in use. Shut off the water supply and drain it before storing the system for winter. 
  2. Check the water level when using the system from time to time.
  3. Clean the water tank before using it for the first time.
  4. Check if your system recommends using water treatment tablets. If it does, make sure to use them regularly to prevent mineral buildup and corrosion. 

Signs Your Cooler Pads Need Cleaning or Replacement:

  1. Airflow – Your cooler pads are dirty and worn out once you notice that the airflow it produces is reduced. If the system is not cooling as effectively as before, 100% your cooler needs cleaning or replacement. 
  2. Environment – Cooler pads are affected by minerals accumulating in them. Clean the pads regularly to avoid this. 
  3. Mould & mildew – Since cooler pads are often soaked in water, it’s safe to assume that moulds and mildew will grow over time. Cooler pads that smell are often caused by dirty and clogged cooler pads. The only solution to moulds and mildew growth is to replace them.
  4. Material – If your cooler pads are made from plastic or melamine paper, they need to be changed every year. Others could last several years so you have to check your manual to know what type your evaporative cooler pads are. Or better yet, make sure to buy high-quality pads than the average-quality ones that need changing every season. 

Benefits Of Changing Evaporative Cooler Pads

Ensure that your home is supplied with clean and fresh air by replacing your dirty, old, and worn-out cooler pads with new ones. Here are some of the benefits of changing your evaporative cooler pads:

  1. Better Air Quality – Dirty pads are ideal for moulds, bacteria, and fungi accumulation. Make sure that the cooler pads are replaced when needed to avoid experiencing a stale, musty smell in your home. 
  2. Higher Efficiency – Buildups in the pads reduce the system’s performance. You will notice a change in the unit’s efficiency once the worn-out pads are replaced with new ones. 
  3. Reduced Electricity Bill – Clogged pads reduce airflow and can make it harder for your unit to provide adequate cooling. This can cause the system to use more energy than it’s supposed to. Changing the pads of your system can significantly reduce energy consumption. 
  4. Sturdier and Longer Lasting Unit – Changing the pads helps prolong the life of your unit.

Prevent Evaporative Cooler Failure With JML Plumbing & Gas

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